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The many different threats that roam the internet affect both your computer and all of your personal and confidential information which you put out on the internet. Preventing these threats and detecting them before they cause any damage to your computer is possible with eScan Anti-virus.

This suite is a security solution that can protect your computer and your privacy from all kinds of viruses, spyware, adware, malware, keyloggers, rootkits, hackers, botnets, spam, and phishing which lurk around on the internet.

eScan Anti-virus is a powerful scan engine with the Kaspersky warranty that runs in the background so that your computer is protected in real time and without slowing down your system. This antivirus detects and eliminates all suspicious intruders that threaten your computer, with the option of repairing the damaged file or putting it on quarantine.

eScan Anti-virus comes equipped with several tools apart from the system scan and antivirus protection such as a firewall, antispam, cloud protection, and the email antivirus.

Plus, this tool's scan can be targeted on to different fields, from the memory and system registry, to local devices and external memoires such as USBs or CDs as well as a completely customizable scan which can be set to work whenever you want.

30 day trial version.

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